About us and the Paua electric fuel card

We believe in a zero emissions transport future. We have built a market leading electric fuel card.

Our team are committed technologists who have first hand experience of driving electric and understand the painpoints that exist.We know that charging a car is the biggest change that a driver faces as they adopt electric and we believe we can make that experience simpler.

At Paua we are modernising the fuel card and bringing it into the twenty first century. The digital and connected future means that we are able to create a better charging experience with technologies that didn’t exist when petrol and diesel re-fuelling was being considered. The old petrol and diesel fuel card is based on an approach developed in the 1980’s which has seen little innovation. With Paua’s solutions we are able to deliver improved user experiences at every step on the electric car recharging journey.

Our vision is that Paua will be positioned at the interface of power transfer to the car; where power and payments are involved Paua will be involved. Through simplifying this experience we can enable more people into more electric cars faster.

Read about our vision here and our networks here. 

Our Team

Niall Riddell

CEO & Co-Founder

Niall is our co-founder and CEO. He drives business development, contracts and commercials.

“First we decarbonise electricity. Then we electrify everything. That way we can manage climate change and improve air quality.”

Before Paua Niall was Smart Systems Director at SSE and Head of EV at EDF Energy. He has an MBA from Cass Business School and an MEng from NewCastle University.

André Pinho

CTO & Co-Founder

André is our co-founder and CTO. He drives the technology that fuels all our products and services.

“We believe technology can do the heavy lifting to enable us to live a more sustainable future. At Paua we believe we can make EV charging a better experience than filling up at a petrol station.”

André has previously built an FCA approved crowdfunding platform, he is a co-founder at Brixton Energy, and a director at RepoweringLondon. He started his career with Johnson Controls and with First Fuel. He is an Aerospace engineer from University of Surrey and a chartered engineer from The Engineering Council.

Amelia Riddell

Marketing Lead

Amelia is our Marketing Director. She keeps the engineers in check making sure that they speak in a way that drivers can understand.

“Public EV charging is too challenging. It is important that we make it simple and user friendly for the next wave of EV drivers.”

Amelia’s background is in marketing and communications with experience managing events at the London 2012 Olympics and Le Tour de France. Her clients have included EDF Energy , Mini and Jaguar Land Rover.

Pedro Marchante

Head of product

Pedro is the Head of Product and responsible for making sure the product meets customer needs. He helps us build the future electric fuel card.

“Making public EV charging simple for all is one of the pillars of the EV transition and that is why we are tackling public charging first.”

Pedro was a Principal Consultant at Wipro Digital, and a Senior Engineer at EFACEC . He brings a wealth of digital experience and electrical engineering knowledge to the business. He has an MBA from INSEAD.

Awards and accolades

Grant recipient

Grant recipient

Accelerator programme 13

Net Zero 2.0 cohort

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