Benefits Calculator

Use this calculator to understand your electric fleet benefits from the Paua EV charge card solution

Benefits calculator

Paua has developed this simple calculator so that fleets can test the value of the Paua electric vehicle charge card to their business. Calculate your electric fleet benefits.

Input the data associated with your electric fleet to understand what the value of an aggregated electric fuel card charging solution could be. We always work with our customers to help them understand the best option for their public charging requirements. Then you are out on the highway with a Paua electric fuel card you can always rely on high quality electric vehicle chargepoints when you need it.

Paua seeks to create value for electric fleets as they access electric vehicle chargepoints. We have aggregated the largest number of chargers available in the UK today and we are increasing this as chargepoint networks increase their own capabilities.

Contact us for any queries you might have for your electric fleet.