How to get a receipt from public electric vehicle charging?

Charging an electric car on Fastned rapid charger. But how do you get a receipt?


You know the situation. You charged your electric car and now you need a receipt. Sometimes you get it in an app but most times you don’t. So how do you access a receipt from your public electric vehicle charging session? This happens most commonly when you use a contactless card to charge.

Most chargepoints don’t issue a receipt. The process to access a receipt can be really challenging. You may be required to call someone or visit a website to access your EV charging receipt. But you need that receipt in order to recover your 20% VAT. A key feature that Paua delivers is an ability to access receipts for charging enabling your accounting team an easier experience.

If you have found your way here you are in luck – we are here to help.

Here we have summed up some of the major UK electric vehicle chargepoint networks and how to access a receipt. Alternatively, you could just get your business to sign up for a Paua EV charge card!

Before you start please remember that you may need to allow around three days before your receipt shows up (time taken for the banks to transfer information).

Instavolt EV charging network

Instavolt charging a Jaguar iPace - how do you get a receipt with Paua

Instavolt is one of the easier networks to find a receipt with. They have a web tool where you need to input the date and time of the charge, the location and the approximate amount. You do need this detail to get the receipt. However there is a back up – you can email them at

Further details

email instavolt

Gridserve Electric Highway and Electric Forecourt

Charging an electric car on Gridserve rapid charger. But how do you get a receipt?

Gridserve followed the Instavolt model and have an online tool to collect receipts. You need your details again and in particular some of your credit card details. But the team are there to help and are super friendly.

Receipt form here 

Contact Gridserve here

Shell Recharge electric car charging network

Charging an electric car on Shell Recharge rapid charger. But how do you get a receipt?

There are a lot of parts to the Shell Recharge ecosystem so this makes it a little complex. We have kept Ubitricity separate for now. However the Shell Recharge network is broadly split into two, Allego operated chargers and New Motion operated chargers. You can find this on the charger or your bank statement

For Allego chargers use this link and have the transaction numbers from your bank statement available

Shell Recharge receipts when you used Allego

For New Motion you need to send them an email which included chargepoint location name, date and time of your charge session, and how much it cost you.

Email New Motion here

Further details on Shell Recharge receipt process here

Receipts from the BP Pulse network

Charging an electric car on BP Pulse rapid charger. But how do you get a receipt?

BP is much harder to get a receipt. You need to email their team to get access to this detail. If you paid by credit card start by waiting 48 hours. Then make sure to make a claim inside 8 weeks. When you email the BP Pulse team make sure to include

  • date and time you charged your electric vehicle;
  • location and charging point reference number;
  • amount paid; and
  • last four digits of the number of the contactless card used.

However be aware that you may not get a full VAT receipt. Commentators over on Speak EV have been grumbling about this for a while. We had the same issues when we sought a VAT receipt.

Email BP Pulse team

Further details on the receipt process

Speak EV discussion on BP Pulse receipts

Electric car charging receipt from Osprey EV charging network

Charging an electric car on Osprey rapid charger. But how do you get a receipt?

As many of you know Osprey are one of the good ones so they have a simple form for their VAT receipts. All the details you need are on the form; site, session, last three digits on your card and amount paid. One of the easiest and fastest from our experience.

Receipt form here for Osprey

Receipts from Fastned EV charge points

Charging an electric car on Fastned charger, Newcastle. But how do you get a receipt

Fastned has a couple of different routes but only because they have a couple of ways to pay. If you pay via the QR code route then you need to email them your details – make sure to include the name of the site and the start or end time. However Fastned are less clear on how you might get access to a receipt via a contactless bank card – this is probably worth contacting them directly. We haven’t tried yet but will update the article as soon as we have.

Contact Fastned

More details on Fastned receipts

Charge Place Scotland EV charging receipts

Charging an electric car on ChargePlace Scotland rapid charger. But how do you get a receipt?

Now this one is a bit of an anomaly. Many different hosts mean many different prices and only a few of the chargers have credit card readers. If you are a subscriber then you get an invoice but its really not clear what to do if you use a credit card reader. Our suggestion is to contact them via their contact page and see

Contact Chargeplace Scotland

ChargePlace Scotland FAQ’s

Receipts from GeniePoint electric car charge points

Charging an electric car on GeniePoint rapid charger. But how do you get a receipt?

This isn’t the most user friendly. For a GeniePoint receipt they require you to know the Charger ID so you need to go and find this. However once you have this it’s a straightforward to input the details (last four digits of your card, and date alongside charger ID). They can then email you a receipt.

Find your GeniePoint ID here

Make your GeniePoint claim here

PodPoint EV charging receipts

Charging an electric car on Podpoint rapid charger. But how do you get a receipt?

Many Podpoint chargers are free. And few have credit card readers requiring you to have an account. For the limited number of Podpoint chargers that include a credit card reader you may be required to access a receipt. To do this you need to email the PodPoint team with the last four digits of your card, the date and the charge session amount. Whilst they don’t ask for information on the location we think this would be sensible to provide also.

Email PodPoint

Further details on obtaining a receipt for charging can be found in their terms and conditions

Obtaining a receipt from Ionity charge points

Charging an electric car on Ionity rapid charger. But how do you get a receipt?

Ionity tend to prefer drivers to access a third party provider to use their chargers (such as Paua) but if you do access the chargers directly then you can get a PDF receipt via email.

You can contact Ionity here to access a receipt

Further details on getting a receipt here

Is there a way to access one receipt across many EV charging networks?

At Paua we are seeking to remove this complexity by providing one receipt across many chargepoint networks. You will receive a monthly VAT invoice to simplify your EV charging experience for your fleet and for your drivers.

So now you know how to get a public electric vehicle charging receipt!

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