Electric Vehicle Charging Networks

Learn more about the Paua electric vehicle charging network and our multi-brand offering from leading electric vehicle chargepoint companies. Access them all with a single EV charge card and EV charging app from Paua.


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How much will it cost you to charge?

As of 01/08/2022

All chargers: 66p per kWh

No additional fees

Fast chargers (up to 22kW AC) : 35p per kWh
Semi-Rapid (25kW DC): 39p per kWh
Rapid chargers (from 50kW): 43p per kWh
Overstay fees may apply in some locations:
Upto 22kW: £0.05/min (8am-8pm).
more than 22kW: £0.20/min
All chargers: 45p per kWh

No additional fees

All chargers: 33p per kWh

No additional fees

All chargers: 30p per kWh

No additional fees

AC charging  : 30p per kWh
DC Charging <=50kW: 49p per kWh
DC Charging >50 kW: 55p per kWh

No additional fees

*Prices include VAT

Prices from (inc VAT @20%) AC Charging (to 22kW) DC Charging (from 25kW)
Osprey £0.66/kWh
Chargy £0.33/kWh
Fastned £0.45/kWh
Mer £0.35/kWh £0.39/kWh
LiFe (from RAW charging) £0.30/kWh £0.30/kWh
Allego £0.30/kWh £0.49/kWh
Alfa Power £1.20/kWh £1.20/kWh
Greenflux £0.24/kWh £0.50/kWh
Ionity £0.69/kWh
Has To Be £0.30/kWh £0.45/kWh
Charge My Street £0.40/kWh
Shell Recharge (was New Motion) £0.37/kWh £0.60/kWh
ChargePlace Scotland Some free Some free
Swarco £0.19p/kWh £0.31p/kWh
Connected Kerb £0.19p/kWh
ESB £0.50p/kWh
Geniepoint £0.57p/kWh
Swarco From £0.30p/kWh
Source London £0.64p/kWh

Our electric vehicle charging  network partners

Paua’s chargepoint partners are leaders in their fields. Each provide Paua with live data so that you can see where the best locations are for you to charge your electric car or electric van.

Paua’s network partners cater to two use cases

  • Rapid charging electric vehicles whilst out on the road enabling your drivers to quickly get back onto the job. Networks such as Osprey and Fastned are providing chargers capable of 150kW or more of ultra fast charging
  • Slower overnight chargers capable of delivering a charge to a vehicle whilst your driver sleeps. Char.gy are a leader in this  field and can work with customers to ensure chargers in the location they need.

Paua also receives requests for charging in car parks whilst drivers are working in a particular location. We are seeking to bring more of these customers on in the coming months.

If you want your chargepoint network to be available to business drivers contact us to arrange a first conversation. Paua supports pioneering electric fleets with access to the best public charging in the country.

Are you a CPO and want to join our network?