Putting Paua in the Great British EV Rally


“Why are you supporting the Great British EV Rally?”, we were asked?

Well, not one to miss out on anything EV here at Paua, we would have found any excuse to join, but here we dive into a little more detail as to what are true motivations are behind getting involved in the Great British EV Rally.

The Great British EV Rally has been set up to demonstrate two things:

  • Collaboration
  • Technical innovation

And these are two things that truly ‘power us’ here at Paua.

Paua EV charge card team. UK's largest electric vehicle roaming network for business

So what is the Rally?

The Rally was set up for 2022 following the success of the EV Rally of Scotland held during COP 26 in 2021. It will take two groups of vehicles, cars and vans, on a journey from John O’Groats to Lands’ End. For those in the know it is a ‘Jogler’ rather than a ‘LeJog’. The total distance will vary depending on detours, etc., but with the sites planned it stretches for approximately 1200 – 1400 ‘e-miles’.

The Rally is comprised of a mix of commercial fleets, providers to commercial fleets, and now ‘Team Paua Rangers’.

Putting Paua in the Great British EV Rally

So why are ‘Team Paua Rangers’ getting involved?

First and foremost, we love the ethos of the rally; collaboration and technical innovation. Plus we relish the challenge!

Niall Riddell, Co-founder and CEO, offered the Paua card to the GB EV Rally almost immediately after the EV Rally of Scotland. The call was received from Colin Boyton on a wet and windy day whilst he was in Cornwall. He realised immediately that this was a unique opportunity to work with industry leading fleets, demonstrate the vision of Paua, as well as the unique offering Paua could provide specifically for the Rally.

This was not simply a case of a marketing tool. As a business, the Rally affords invaluable opportunities to collaborate and learn alongside the leaders in the sector, whilst facing the challenges that regular EV users currently experience on a daily basis:

  • Despite being a showcase event, it is still almost entirely reliant on public charging infrastructure. As we seek to provide a harmonised solution for national carriers, from one end of the country to the other, all in one card, we feel compelled to show the significant potential that the Paua charge card solution can unlock for participants (and wider customers beyond).
  • Secondly, there is the exciting possibility for interaction and serendipitous encounters with other likeminded companies, and the chance to collaborate. As part of the Rally we hope to bring ChargePlace Scotland into the Paua EV charge card solution. This will mean that you can drive from John O’Groats to Lands’ End on a single EV charge card.
Paua partners in the Great British EV Rally

The excitement doesn’t end there! We are hoping to confirm that (just for the Rally) we will be working with BP Pulse and Gridserve, doing our bit to save a little more plastic and, (with a fair wind!), Rally drivers will also be able to use the Paua charge card at BP and Gridserve sites.

This epitomises what we hoped to achieve; collaboration and technical innovation.

Another really interesting aspect is that few people have talked about the unspoken leg of the race; reaching the start line. The event starts on a Monday; however there are 680 miles from our ‘home’ in London to the start line. This ‘hidden’ leg will be the hardest for us and probably many others taking part in the Rally.

Whatever happens, please wish Team Paua Rangers and all the other teams good luck; we have ‘the Paua’, all we need now is ‘the range’!

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